Importance Of Vancha Kalpalata Ganapati | Benefits of Chanting Vancha Kalpalata Ganapati Mantra |

Vancha Kalpalata Ganapathi is the form of lalita Tripura sundari in the form of Ganapati. We find or get to know about this deity in old scripture like the Atharvaveda text.

vancha kalpalata ganapati sadhana benefits
Importance Of Vancha Kalpalata Ganapati. Benefits of Chanting Vancha Kalpalata Ganapati Mantra.

Introduction of this satsanga

1)      Will will know Important details of Vancha Kalpalata Ganapati

2)      Iconography of  Kalpalata Ganapati.

3)      Deities related to the Ganapati mantra.

4)      Benefits of chanting V.K.G. mantra.


Important details of Vancha Kalpalata Ganapati

           Vancha means the desire what you want, Kalpalata means, the shakti or the energy, which fulfills your desire, and Ganapti means the lord of Ganas...Means in all we can say it as, The energy or divine Lalitambika in the form of Ganapati which fulfills your all desires.

            This is a very rare and secret srividya sadhana. Vancha Kalpalata Ganapati is the combined form of Shiva and Shakti.

            The lower part body of Ganesha is in the female shakti form, that is Lalitambika. The upper part of the body is in the Male Shiva form, which is Ganapati. This means it is the combination of both, Shiva and Shakti. The scripture about vancha kalpalata Ganapati is found in Atharva Veda.

           Ganapati is also known as Vinayaka. He is the most worshiped deity in the Hindu religion. His image is found in India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, and many other countries. He is considered the obstacle remover and good luck giving diety.

            He is honored by worshiping at the start of rites and other ceremonies. Ganesha is also worshiped on other occasions, especially at the beginning of ventures, such as starting a business, or before buying any vehicle.

            Hindus or devotees of Ganapathy always invoke him at the beginning of prayers or other important undertakings. Dancers in India always start their, art with the prayer of Ganesha and mantra-like, OM SHRI GANESHAYA NAMAHA.

            Om is the universal sound energy. Shri Ganesh means a beautiful start or lets Goodluck come to us. Namaha means we bow down to him, who will bring good luck to us. He is well known for obstacle remover and Goodluck deity.

             There are many forms of Ganesha. Like, Astavinayaka or 32 forms of Ganesha. In this satsanga, we are talking about his secret form which is mostly not told openly. The secret of this Ganesha is revealed to them, who is initiated into srividya sadhana, by the sri vidya guru.

         The Ganesha is named Vancha Kalpalata Ganapati. He is the combination of various deities, mostly Tripura Sundari and param shiva in combination. When any devotee starts worshiping him, he need not worship other forms of Ganesha, because the name itself tells us, all desired things will be granted to the devotee, without obstacles.


The iconography of Vancha Kalpalata Ganapati.

             Vancha Kalpalata Ganapati has 12 hands. The uppermost two hands represent the power of Vishnu as Sudarshana chakra and Red Lotus of Lakshmi. Vishnu Bhagwan protects and sustains all animals in the universe and Lakshmi Devi is the energy of abundance and wealth. VKG has the power of both deities.

             Below two hands represent Rudra as Trishula and Rudri shakti as pasha. Rudra the form of shiva is the male energy that destroys the universe when its time span is over. Rudri Shakti helps shiva in this work. VKG has this power of destruction.

             The middle two hands represent Brahma as sugarcane and Neil Saraswati as blue Lotus. Brahma deva is the creator of the universe and Saraswati mata is the energy of knowledge. VKG has the power to create and the power of knowledge.

             Below two hands represent Varaha as Gada and Varahi or Prithvi as rice paddy. Varaha is the form of Vishnu which has the capacity to remove negativity from ground level and Prithvi mata is the motherland that gives us this human body to survive on earth. VKG has the power of Varaha and mother earth.

             Below, the Last second two hands represent a union of universes as pomegranates fruit and universal power as Ganapati tusk. Pomegranate represents the group of many universes like pomegranate seeds and the tusk is the power of VKG which shows Ganapati has the power to handle these all universes in his trunk easily.

            The lower two hands represent Abhayam and Varadam for devotees. All desires and good luck of devotees will be fulfilled by giving varadana and all negativity will be removed by giving Abhaya dana, through Vancha Kalpalata Ganapati.


Deities related to Vancha Kalpalata Ganapati Mantra

             There are 11 variations of the Vancha Kalpalata Ganapati Mantra in total. In my Guru Parampara, we receive one of them, which contains very powerful Beeja Mantras and powers of, Various deities.

            Here I will not reveal the VKG mantra as it is to be taken through the guru Deeksha process. It is the secret mantra that cannot be revealed openly. I will be explaining only the deities which are present in the mantra which we have received from our Shri vidya guruji shiva premanandaji.

             The deities in the mantra are Ksapira prasad Ganapati, Ucchista Ganapati, Sri vidya Vallabha Ganapati, Agni, Surya, All Panchadashi Mantra deities, Balatripura Sundari, Kubera, Lakshmi, Vishnu, Rudra, Nil Saraswati, Bhuvaneshwari, and all Gayatri Mantra related deities together.

             It's very rare to find a combination of all these powerful Shaktis together. This sadhana alone is sufficient to fulfill your all spiritual and material desires.

              The Atharvaveda, explains the importance of this mantra. It says that when we chant one-time Vancha Kalpalata Ganapati Mantra, it is equal to 444 times Mantra Japa of Maha Ganapati Mantra.


Benefits of chanting the Vancha Kalpalata Ganapati Mantra.

         1) To fulfill your heart's desires.

         2) To get a magnetic personality.

         3) To fulfill your all material and spiritual desires.

         4) To protect you from all types of negativity.

         5) To get self-knowledge. Atma gyana.

         6) To experience prosperity and abundance in your life.

         7) To protect yourself and your family from any type of doshas or difficulties.

             There are boundless benefits you get by doing this sadhana, that no one can explain. If anyone is willing to take this Deeksha from my guru parampara, please check the below links.                 

             As it is the secret srividya sadhana of Ganapati, it is advanced sadhana, so you must take the first 7-level srividya Deeksha then you will be eligible for this vancha kalpalata Deeksha. 

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             There are boundless benefits you get by doing this sadhana, that no one can explain. If anyone is willing to take this Deeksha from my guru parampara, please check the 7-level below links.                  

             As it is the secret srividya sadhana of Ganapati, it is advanced sadhana, so you must take the first 7-level srividya Deeksha then you will be eligible for this Vancha kalpalata Deeksha. 

           I hope you all have got some knowledge about VKG sadhana. Please check our youtube channel, for more videos, available in both languages Hindi and English. So this was all about Vancha Kalpalata Ganapati Sadhana.

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