What is Lalita Trishati | Benefits Of Chanting Lalita Trishati |

          Lalita Trishati is the secret stotra of Lalita Mahatripurasundari. Tri means three and shati means hundred, that is secret 300 names of Mother Lalita.

benefits of chanting lalita trishati
What is Lalita Trishati. Benefits Of Chanting Lalita Trishati.

What is lalita Trishati

1) Lalitha Trishati is a divine hymn.

2) There are 300 divine names of Lalita Mata in this hymn.

3) It is a secret and a hymn full of mysteries.

4) This hymn is received in the Brahmanda Purana as a treatise of Hayagreeva and Agastya Muni.


How was Lalita Trishati originated?

1) When Lord Hayagreeva gave the initiation of Lalita Sahasranama to Agasti Muni, then Agasti muni went to do penance, after he finished penance, he came to know, there is another hymn with mysteries. Then he came back to his master and asked. 

       Hey Gurudev, I have come to know that Lalitadevi has a secret hymn. you have not told me yet. Please give me initiation of that secret stotra. So that I get all the knowledge of the mother.

2) Hearing this, Lord Hayagriva was happy, but, he did not say anything and sit for meditation. In this way, 3 years passed, but neither the Agasti Muni left his master's feet nor Hayagreeva rose from his Samadhi.

3) Seeing this, Mother Lalitha appeared in meditation to Hayagreeva and said. O son Hayagriva, you have completely obeyed my order. This hymn is secret and I forbade you to tell anyone about it. 

         Agastya Muni and his wife Lopamudra are my ultimate devotees. You should initiate this hymn to him. By saying this, mother vanished.

4) Lord Hayagriva, on hearing the orders of Mata, gave the initiation of Lalitha Trishti to Agastyamuni.

Shri Lalita Trishati is a part of the "Lalitaopakhyanam" which occurs in the

the latter part of Brahmanda Purana".

Maharishi Agastya, having heard Lalitasahasranama from Bhagawan

Hayagreeva Swamy (who was an incarnation ‘Avatar’ - of Shri Vishnu). ;

was keen to hear and learn Shri Lalita Trishati. Hence, Shri Agyastya prayed

to Shri Hayagreeva for three years at the end of which Shri Lalitambika

directed Shri Hayagreeva to teach Lalita Trishati to Shri Agastya and grant

him "Upadesha"; Bhagawan Hayagreeva then gave the ''Upadesha''of Lalita thrishati.


Agastya, saying –"Even by only meditating on this Trishati you

will become aware of all knowledge and you will attain peace. This prayer

is also known as "SARVAPOORTIKARA"- that which fulfils every (desire )


Oh, sage! This is far more occult and mysterious than the ‘Sahasranama’.

Hence,on instruction from Shri Lalitambika , I will grant it to you. This

incorporates the great and sacred "Panchadashakshari" (The fifteen lettered

Mantra’) which commences with the alphabet "ka" . Each letter has

progressess with twenty names. Oh, Ghatasambhava ! (born from a pot),

This (mantra) with three hundred names fulfils all desires.This is more sacred

and secret (occult) than all secrets.


Benefits of reciting Lalitha Trishati.

1) After giving initiation, Bhagavan Hayagreeva described the glory of this stotra to Agastya Muniji.

2) This hymn is full of divine and mysteries. Therefore, its initiation should be taken from the qualified guru. And it should be kept secret.

3) This hymn is called sarvapurtikara stotra. Because with this hymn, all your wishes are fulfilled. And impossible tasks are also possible.

4) All knowledge of this world is hidden in this hymn.

5) This stotra is an extension of the Pancha Dasaksari Mantra. This mantra is 15 letters of Lalita Mata. And there are 20 secrets hidden in every seed letter. 

         300 secrets are revealed with the whole 15 seed letters. And this 300 makes full Lalita Trisati Stotra. There are 300 divine secrets of Lalitha Mata. And every nama consists of a separate deity.

6) All this knowledge is received by the blessings of Mother and by Guru.

7) In this way Hayagreeva told Agastya Muni.


Let us talks about some points of lalita Trishati.

1) If you want to get complete knowledge of this hymn and fulfill all desires, then you must take the initiation of the Panchadashakshari mantra of Srividya. Because it is a secret vidya.

2) From my experience, I can only tell you that if you recite any stotra with love and without harming anyone, then at least you will get blessings and bhakti of that deity. Later the same deity will take you to a qualified guru and get you initiated as the deity wants to give complete knowledge about himself to his devotee.

3) The same thing is about Lalitha Trishati. So you must recite Lalita Trishati. I would say that you must recite every Friday or every day, one time Lalita Sahasranama and one time Lalita Trishati. You will get the blessings of Lalitamata.

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4) See, there are no rules for reading. Just purify yourself with water and sit in front of the mother's photo, offer a prasad of jaggery or sugar to the mother, and start the chanting with love.

''Trishati" as the term indicates, means three hundred names, prayers, praises, and attributes of shri Lalitambika. This is a highly philosophical hymn

incorporating the holy "Lalita Panchadashakshari" Mantra.

In 'Lalita Trishati' each of the 15 letters of the Panchadashakshari Mantra

forms,the first letter of 20 names / attributes of Shri Latithamba Hence,

there are 15 groups of 20 attributes each in 'Trishati'. The 300 names are

incorporated in 59 ‘Shlokas’ (stanzas) each comprising of 2 lines. Most of

the lines contain 2 or 3 names each; a few contain 4 names or only one

name. Each line has (usually) 16 syllables, with very few exceptions. Hence,

the lines can be chanted easily in a rhythmic manner.

So these were some details about Lalita Trishati. For more details, please visit our youtube channels available in both the languages Hindi and English.

 Thank you to all you devotees


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  1. Thank you very much ma'am, for the simple procedure.my father & guruhas asked me to chant this divine hymn 3 times every day showing deepam each time and completing with dhoop neivedyam etc

    1. Sri Matre Namaha. Sri Mata is guaiding you.Please keep chanting the stotra.She will take care of you.


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