Benefits Of Chanting Lalita Sahasranaam | Conversation between Agastya Muni and Bhagwan Haygriva | Part - 2 |

        With The grace of mother Lalita. We have received this sahasranamam. please chant it as much as possible to get spiritual and material benefits for yourself. It is the most secret stotra in the world.

From Brahmanda Purana

benefits of chanting lalita sahasranaam
Origin and Benefits Of Chanting Lalita Sahasranaam Part.2


          All devotees are welcome to, the second part, where we will discuss the benefits of Lalita Sahasranama. Agastya Muni further asked Hayagriva, his guru, about the benefits of Lalita sahasranama.


Gurudev... you told the origin of sahasranama, which has made me ask you, that, what are the benefits of chanting this secret sahasranama. I am very much excited to listen to them all.


Oh dear Agastya, listen... there has been no stotra, equal to this. Now I will explain, the benefits of this Stotram.

Assuring the Agastya Muni, Hayagriva started explaining the benefits of stotra, one by one.


1)This stotra, causes all diseases to subside.

2)It avoids untimely death and removes the pain caused by fever and confers longevity.

3)This stotra is highly pleasing to Sri Devi.

4)The results or the Punya of chanting Lalita sahasranama, is more than bathing in the holy river Ganga.

5)Listen Agastya... if you install crores of Shiva Jyotir Lingam, in Kasi, Varanasi, or any other holy kshetras. Or digging several wells, to help the peoples or giving crores of gold to Brahmins, the Punya or result getting by doing all this regularly for thousand years is only the fraction of Punya what you get in a single round of chanting this sahasranama.

            Listening to this, Agastya muni is now willing to know, what will happen if anyone, does not chant, whole sahasranama, and only chants any single Nama of this Sahasranamam.


Oh my beloved guru, please explain to me, if anyone, chants only a single name from sahasranama, what benefits he will get.

By listening to this Hayagriva explains the benefits of chanting a single Nama.


1)Oh dear disciple, listen... when anyone, who chants even a single nama with devotion, his all sins accumulated will get destroyed.

2)All sins whatever you have gained, by the omission of prescribed daily duties, are surely destroyed by chanting a single nama.

3)My dear Agastya, no person in all fourteen worlds, is capable of committing a sin, which cannot be removed by a single name, in this sahasranamam, which is the antidote of all sins.

        Listening to these benefits, Agastya muni asks, which are the auspicious days, on which we get more benefits.


        Gurudev... I am excited to listen, more about the benefits, please explain to me, which are the auspicious days, on which, I can get more results than chanting on normal days.


1)Oh disciple, listen to the days which I am going to reveal to you when you get more benefits than a normal day. The days are... full moon day, on Sankranti day, during summer and winter solstices, on Navami, on the birthdays of son, wife, and oneself.

       The Fridays, and all that auspicious days, when we celebrate the god festivals as per the scriptures.

2)Oh dear, listen to the other benefits now. By Touching with the palm, the head of a feverish person, reciting this sahasranama, fever, and headache will immediately vanish.

3)By the external application of ashes, chanting the sahasranamam for healing purposes, all diseases are immediately cured.

4)Oh Muni! Mesmerize a potful of water, with the sahasranamam and pour it on the head of a person, all graha problems, that is elemental problems will be solved.

5)By meditating on mother Lalita, seated in the midst of the nectar-ocean, poison can be digested, repeat the sahasranamam as much as possible till you get rid of decease.

6)By taking butter, and chanting the sahasranamam, barren women will surely have children, both wife and husband must repeat the sahasranamam as much as possible.

7)By a mere gaze, at the face of him, who chants regularly this sahasranama, the three worlds, the kings and any other, gets attracted towards him.


Oh lord please explain to me, how can anyone protect himself from any enemies.


1)Oh disciple, those who chant this sahasranamam, the enemy of him, making any black magic against him, is killed by Sarabhesvara and Pratyangira.

2)If anyone looks with a cruel eye, toward the devotee, he will be made blind by Martanda Bhairava.

3)The robber, who robes the property or any other thing, related to the devotee, Rober will be killed by ksetrapala.

4)The learned man, who dares to argue or discuss any vidya with him, Nakulesvari will bound his mouth.

5)when any king makes war with the devotee of Lalita, Dandani herself will kill his enemy.

To get all these benefits, a devotee must regularly chant this sahasranamam.


My beloved Gurudev, please explain to me whatever benefits you know about chanting the sahasranamam.


1)If one chants this continuously for six months, the goddess of wealth will reside in his house permanently.

2)If anyone chants this, once a month or daily once or thrice a day, goddesses of speech will reside always on his tongue.

3)If possible, one must chant this sahasranamam in front of srichakra, every full moon day at night, using Tulsi or Bilva Patra or any other fragrant flowers. The Results or benefits of such pooja, cannot be described, even by Maheshwara. The Devotees soul starts becoming the Lalita herself.

4)If a person chants this, without hoping anything, he gains Brahma Jnana.


Oh god, I have got a precious gift from you. I will preserve it safely with me. Please explain to me the rules how I should preserve it, to whom I must impart this secret.


1)Agastya... listen... you must keep this secret with you, and always use it to help humanity.

2)You must never use it to destroy anyone, by yourself, instead, without asking, the yoginis of the mother are always, ready to help you when you chant regularly the sahasranamam.

3)This sahasranamam Should be given and taught to those who are devoted to mother Lalita.

4)Oh Agastya, now listen to my final words, Just as Srividya is to be kept secret, so also, this sahasranamam must be always kept secret, from the ignorant ones. 

           It Is by the command of Devi Lalita, I have explained the Sahasranamam Stotram to you. Now Go and meditate on this secret, whatever you have gained from me.

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          So these were the benefits of sahasranamam, whatever Lord Hayagriva has explained to his disciple Agastya muni. 

           With The grace of mother Lalita. We have received this sahasranamam. please chant it as much as possible to get spiritual and material benefits for yourself.

Thank you all devotees.


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