What is Soundarya Lahari | Origin and benefits | Sloka-1 Sadhana and Benefits |

              Soundarya means beauty and lahari means waves. This is the wisdom of Mother Lalita. Each verse of the soundarya lahari is giving knowledge and strength or accomplishment.

meaning sadhana benefits of soundarya lahari sloka 1
Meaning of Saundarya Lahari Sloka-1 Its Sadhana and Benefits.

What is Soundarya Lahari.

         1) Soundarya Lahari is a composition of 100 verses.

         2) In every verse, knowledge and one siddhi of Lalita Mata is hidden in the form of seed mantras.

         3) Each of the verses has a different deity.

         4) Each shloka has an independent yantra.

         5) Srividya is the core sadhana and soundarya lahari sadhana is one of its branches.

         6) Every sloka is practiced for attaining worldly pleasure and enjoyment and for attaining some spiritual accomplishment.

         7) This practice is going to give immediate results to devotees.

         8) It is a Shakti Tantra practice that results quickly.

         9) All the Sloka Yogini have appeared from Lalita Mata.

         10) In order to practice soundarya lahari, you need to take Srividya initiation. However, till you take initiation, you can recite Shlokas for the happiness of the mother.


Origin of soundarya lahari.

         1) Lord Shiva has composed from 1 to 41 Shlokas and Adi Shankaracharya has composed from Shlok 42 to 100.

         2) The story is something like this.

        When Shankaracharya went to meet Shiva and Parvati, Shiva gave him a book of mysteries of 100 Shlokas of adi para Shakti. After being pleased, Shankaracharya while coming back from Kailash,  Nandi, after tearing half of the book from him, snatched away and ran away.

         3) Shankaracharya was disappointed and again took Nandiji's complaint to Shiva. But Lord Shiva ordered him, that you complete all the verses, you will get inspiration and welfare for the society.

         4) In this way, Shankaracharya composed verses from 42 to 100 after doing Sadhana. And the same book is famous today as soundarya Lahari.


Benefits of reciting slokas.

         1) If a seeker performs only one verse, he attains the attainment of the deity of that verse.

         2) 100 Slokas gives 100 Siddis. Each sloka: can be done to do different work.

         3) If a seeker recites these shlokas firmly, then one gets great siddhis. Such as flying in the air, walking on water or fire, having a soul realization, can help the people. He can achieve whatever he wants.

         4) Do not use it incorrectly, because this all yoginis have appeared from Lalita Mata but they do not have the nature of love like a mother. By the wrong use, they only harm us in the opposite way.

         5) Thus the seeker can improve his life by reciting the soundarya lahari slokas.


Meaning of Saundarya Lahari Sloka-1-Its sadhana and benefits.

The sloka is as follows.

|| Shiva Shaktya yukto yadi bhavati saktaha prabha-vitum

Nache devam devo na-khalu kusalaha spanditum-api

Atastvam aradyam hari-hara-virinchadibhir-api

Pranantum stotum wa katham-kruta-punyaha prabhavati ||


Meaning of the sloka-1.

          If the Supreme Shiva is capable of creating creation only after being equipped with Shakti. If it were not so, then even that God would not have been able to vibrate. Therefore, how can any virtuous human being have a tendency to bow down or praise Mahatripurasundari, the deity of Hari, Hara, and Brahma.


Explanation of Shloka-1.

         1) The Nirguna Brahma Tattva resides before the creation. Whether it is a man or a woman, no one knows till today. We call that element the soul, the supreme soul, the supreme Shiva, or the Mahatripur Sundari.

         2) He who is the Nirguna Supreme Shiva Tattva, If he has to create the universe if he has to do any work in this world, then he cannot do it without Shakti, that is, without Tripurasundari. Because power is needed to take the sagun form.

         3) Virinchi i.e. Brahma Dev, with help of his shakti Brahmi, who is born from Mahatripursundari Mata, becomes capable of creating the universe with the help of that power.

         4) Hari means Lord Vishnu with the help of his Shakti Vaishnavi, who is born from Mahatripurasundari Mata, becomes capable of nurturing the universe with the help of that power.

         5) Hara means Lord Rudra, with the help of his Shakti Shankari, which is born from Mahatripurasundari Mata, becomes capable of destroying the universe with the help of that power.

         6) That is why Hari, Har, and Brahmadev always worship Srividya i.e. Brahmavidya. Meaning they always meditate on their own soul, which is the form of Mahatripur Sundari and Paramshiv.

         7) That is why if any human being does not have any Punya, then he will never have any thoughts about Srividya, or for doing sadhana and worship of Mahatripur Sundari. When his Punya, starts increasing, then he will have the thoughts of Brahma vidya, he will know about mother. And he will become a seeker of Brahmavidya, that is, he will become a seeker of Srividya.

               Because in this world there is not a single thing or creature, or human, whatever the deity may be in this universe, it is handled by Mother Kundalini, she grows your every aspect of life and does everything for every creature present in all brahmandas. It is only after individual Punya when increases, by performing spiritual practices, he comes to know about the mother.


How to do sadhana of the first sloka.

         1) First of all you have to biheart the 1st sloka with its meaning.

         2) Sit in front of the mother's photo facing east.

         3) Make a Sankalpa what you want.

         4) Draw the yantra of the shloka on a white cloth with colored flour. Or inscribe it on a gold plate. And place it in front of Mother's photo.

         5) You have to recite this sloka 1000 times every day for 12 consecutive days. And every day till the end of sadhana, Naivedya has to be offered to the mother by mixing coconut kernel, jaggery, and ghee.


Benefits of doing sadhana of the first sloka.

         1) By the practice of this verse, any one of your wishes can be fulfilled.

         2) Whatever elements of Pancha Mahabhuta are present inside your body, they become balanced.

         3) Your hormones can be balanced.

         4) Problems between husband-wife, get resolved.

         5) By reciting this sloka every day, peace remains in the house.

         6) In the office, whatever problems women face, they get solved.

  So this is some information about the first verse of Soundarya Lahiri. Now keep it in mind. If you have taken initiation from any guru, and you want to do this sadhana, then, please confirm with your guruji, that you are going to do this sadhana. Then do as your Guruji tells you.

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       If you have not taken initiation from anyone yet, then before doing this sadhana, definitely take the initiation of Soundarya Lahari. And do sadhana as Guruji has told you.

       If you have to recite this verse in any condition. Then chant it at least 11 times or a maximum of 108 times daily. Or follow the procedure of sadhana which I have explained before. The process of sadhana I have told is according to that which is given in the scripture.

         You must take the initiation of Srividya. Because Srividya is the only way that every person can make their spiritual and worldly progress together. If you know someone is the master of Srividya, then you should get initiation from them.

      In the next Soundarya Lahari's Satsang, we will learn about the other sloka.

Thank you all devotees,


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