The Origin Of Lalita Sahasranaam Part -1 | Conversation Between Agastya Muni and Bhagwan Hayagriva |

          Lalita Sahasranaam is the stotra devoted to devi Lalita Mahatripura Sundari. In this stotra, there are 1000 secret names of Devi. This stotra of Mother Lalita was composed by Vagdevis. It is the supreme gift to the whole of humanity. All secrets of universes are encoded in this stotra.

origin of lalita sahasranaam
The Origin Of Lalita Sahasranaam Part-1 

         In Brahmanda Purana we come across the 1000 secret names of Devi. It comes under conversation happened between Agastya muni and Bhagwaan Haygriwa.

         Agastya the great muni, was wondering why he was not taught the thousand most secret names of Divine Mother Lalita. He discovered the existence of this secret, by the power of his Tapasya.

         He immediately went to his beloved Guru, named Hayagriva, and asked to grant and teach the thousand secret names of Lalita Mahatripura Sundari.


Agastya Muni Said

         O, my beloved guru, you are well versed in all the Sastras, you have taught me the most wonderful history of Devi Lalita. You taught me in detail, first the birth of the Mother, then her rulership of the whole universe, and her slaying of Bhandasura.

         O Lord, you have taught me, how to worship Srichakra, glory of panchadashi mantra, and a thousand names of the goddesses Mantrini and Dandani, but those of Devi Lalitamata, have not been told to me.

         O Lord of mercy, on this point, doubt has arisen within me. Have You forgotten it, or I am unworthy to know a thousand secrets of divine Mother? Please tell me the reason, why this secret was kept away from me?

Listening to this from the mouth of his disciple, Lord Hayagriva started explaining the reason for his arisen doubt.


Hayagriva Said

         Oh Agastya, listen with a concentrated mind. Now It is the time that I shall tell you, why I did not reveal the Thousand secrets of divine. I did not tell you, because I thought it is the most secret of the divine, now as you have asked me with devotion, I will grant you a thousand secrets of Devi Lalita.

Listening to the words of his beloved guru, Agastya muni started praying to his Lord guru.


Agastya Muni Said

         Oh, merciful Lord, the knower of all tantra, yantra, and mantra. Your Grace of these divine secrets will certainly help me and all humanity to get the grace of Divine Lalita Devi. Please Teach me and grant the Deeksha of rahasyanama stotram, the secret thousand names of Mother Lalita.

Hayagriva is pleased with the prayer of his disciple and started narrating the secrets of Mother Lalita.


Hayagriva Said

         Dear... listen... I am always ready to grant you the most secret of Mother. But, It shall never be taught by you, to one who has no devotion or bhakti towards Divine Mother. To a worshipper who is pure and devoted to divine Mother, you may teach and impart a thousand names to him.

         This srividya is the most secret and the best of all mantras in all. Lalita Parmeshwari and the Param Shiva are the supreme Divines. To get the divine Mothers grace and favor, you must always chant the secret thousand names of her.

Listening to the words of the guru, Agastya muni started clearing the doubts that appeared in his mind one by one.


Agastya Muni Said

         My beloved guru, please tell me where and when these secret names were told? By whom it was composed?

Hearing the question of Agastya muni, Hayagriva narrats story behind the origine of Lalita Sahasranamam.

Hayagriva Said

         Once when, after killing the Bhandasura, Mother Lalita, due to her compassion towards all her created beings and her devotees. She called goddesses of speech and others. Mother said all goddesses mark my words, your power of speech is derived from my grace, you know all secrets of my Sri chakra and you are wholly devoted to my names. So I command you to compose the hymns, which will reveal secrets of my whole divine intelligence.

         when prayed by devotees chanting the hymns, my grace must flow towards the devotee. Oh, dear Agastya, listening to this command, all goddesses composed the secret names of lalita, known as rahasya-nama-sahasra.

        Once in the court of Lalita Devi, there came crores of Brahmas with his consorts Saraswati's, crores of Narayanas with Lakshmis, Rudras with Gauries, and other crores of Devas, Siddhas, and different types of Shaktis from crores of universes. At that auspicious moment, all goddesses of speech and other Shaktis praised the Lalita Devi with the secret sahasranama in front of all in the court.

         Mother By listening the sahasranama became happy and glad. Seeing This Mothers's happiness and gracefulness, all those assembled in the Lalita mata court were amazed. Listen Agastya, further, Lalita Devi addressed, the assembly of all gods and goddesses and different types of Shaktis. Lalita Devi said, listen... the goddesses of speech composed this incomparable hymn at my command.

         This Sahasranama is marked with my divine names, which will always please me whenever anyone chants this with devotion and bhakti. Declare These thousand divine names of mine, to my devotees. He Will be always dear to me, and I will always fulfill his desires.

         If he only recites these thousand names to please me, without doubt, his all desires will be fulfilled by my grace.

         Oh dear Agastya, Lalita the Mother of all beings, commanded this to all present gods and the followers of them. From That time all Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara, and other all Shaktis including me, always recite this secret name of divine Mother.

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          Lalita Sahasranaam is the scared stotra, which should be recited every day. There are many srividya devotees who recite this stotra 5- times daily and they are getting the result of chanting, whatever they expect.

         There are many stotras inscribed in old texts, and this is the stotra which, by the command of Lalita Devi, vagdevis have composed, by the grace of Mother. No stotra equals the Punya of a single name from this secret thousand names.

         One must try to find the best srividya Guru to take the initiation of srividya. Because this stotra belongs to Lalita Mahatripura Sundari and her vidya or knowledge is encoded in Sri vidya Pancha dashasksari and shodashi maha-mantra.

         Till you find your beloved srividya guru. You can get the grace of Mother just by chanting this secret stotra only. Because Mother herself promised that she will take care of devotee, whoever chants this stotra. You don’t need Deeksha to chant this stotra.

So this was the origin of Lalita sahasranaam. In the next satsanga, we will see the second part of this satsanga and also the benefits that you will get by daily chanting this stotra.


Thank you all devotees.


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