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             Each and every sampradaya is complete. only the teaching methods differ from each other. You can go for anyone amnya Deeksha process. Sri vidya urdva Amanaya is the most secret sri vidya parampara, to which I belong. It is the oldest guru parampara.

srividya sadhana oldest guru parampara
Srividya Sadhana Deeksha  Srividya Deeksha Experience  Oldest Sri Vidya Guru Parampara 

About Me and My Sadhana

1) I am a simple seeker and devotee of Universal Mother. Like all of you, I also do spiritual practice by doing my daily work every day.

2) I first took mantra initiation from one of the gurujis. I chanted that mantra all the time. I used to chant for 10 rounds every day. But after a few days, I started having physical problems by chanting that mantra. And even after chanting, what I wanted, was not getting in my life.

3) If my life cannot be changed even by chanting so many mantras, then there is no point in that chanting. . My soul was not happy even with chanting. Thinking like this, I stopped chanting every day.

3) Later I took initiation of Kriya Yoga from some other guru. For three and a half years I followed all their rules. Even after taking initiation of Kriya Yoga, my soul was not satisfied. Soul was looking for something else. After some days, I started having a problem with Kriya Yoga.

              If I went to my class, or even somewhere. The Kundalini's power would pull me down and wherever I was, she would force me to sit and the kriya would start. So, coming and going stopped everywhere. That's why I left that sadhana. And after some days, my life started again like before.

4) But I definitely got one benefit of Kriya Yoga. It is that my Kundalini power has now been activated. The second advantage was that I came in contact with Lalita Sahasranamam.

5) For the first time when I saw the Sanskrit words of Sahasranama, I felt a slight joy in my soul. I felt like, as we were separated for many years and today we met.


How Lalita Mata inspired me for Srividya Deeksha.

1) I bought Lalita Sahasranamam. Then for the first time, I got a chance to read phala sruti of the stotra. And through the Internet, I came to know everything about the mother. And I also came to know that if one has to reach the mother, then one has to take Srividya initiation.

2) The best thing I liked was this, that. Mother has promised everyone that any devotee whether he is a human or a demon. Even if he worships Mata lalita with devotion, the mother does his welfare. It has been said in the Brahmanda Purana. And the spiritual and worldly progress of the devotee is taken care of by the mother.

3) That is why I immediately learned the correct pronunciation of Lalita Sahasranama after listening to the audio.

4) Later I thought of doing a 5-day ritual. I decided to complete 25 Lalita Sahasranamam in 5 days

5) I didn't feel anything for the first 2 days.

6) On the third day, I felt that some sexual energy came out of my Muladhara chakra and went outside through Sahasrar Chakra.

7) On the fourth and fifth day there was joy in my heart. And my ritual is over. In my Sankalpa, I had also said that Mother herself should give me Shri Vidya Deeksha.

8) On the fifth day at 5.30 in the morning, the mother herself had come. I was sleeping at that time, but my soul was awake and very happy. Mother came, put her hand on my head, as everyone's mother loves her child, in the same way, mother was talking to me in her sweet voice. My soul was feeling everything. And my sleep was broken.

9) I was free that day. I thought I did not watch the film for many days, thinking like this, I turned on my laptop. Suddenly a thought came from the soul that more information should be found about Lalitmata.

10) And the first website that came in front of me. That was I got all the information about srividya Deeksha. When I came to know about Guruji Shiv Parmanandji and when I looked at his photo, a wave of joy filled my soul. And he was initiated by Lalitmata herself. Knowing this, I understood that my mother wanted me, to take initiation from Guruji Shiv Premanandaji. All the signs were pointing in the same direction

11) I didn't waste time and took online initiation.

12) There were 7 levels of initiation. I had good experiences at all levels. I will make a separate video about the 7-level experience.

13) Their tradition is very ancient. Lord Shiva and Mother gave Srividya initiation to Nandi Maharaj

 Nandi Maharaj took human form and initiated to Lord Agasthi Muni, Siddha Sundarnathar, who Known today as Siddha Tirumularji.

14) Shri Tirumularji gave initiation to Mother Shivakami Om Anandi. and Shivakami Mata.

Tirumularji, and Lalitmata herself, these 3 divines gave initiation directly to Shiva Premanandji. and from Shiv Premanandaji, I took initiation.

15) Lord Shiva has five faces. Actually, there are 6 of them, but, We will talk about five. One from each month, The independent Srividya Sampradaya has started. 

       They are called the five Amnayas. 4 faces of shiva, are faced towards 4-directions. The fifth face is faced toward the sky. The tradition which has started from this fifth face is called Urdhva Amnaya.

16) And the one from whom I have taken initiation is Urdhva Amnaya. And according to this tradition, there are no specific rules, that you have to follow. Only the initiation that you have taken, that sadhana has to be done every day.

              So this was my experience. If you want, you can take initiation from Guruji. Otherwise, you are free to find other perfect Srividya Guru of your choice. 

           So definitely take initiation from them. Knowing their amnayas you will know from which face of shiva, your guru parampara belongs.

             Each and every sampradaya is complete. only the teaching methods differ from each other. You can go for anyone amnya Deeksha process, lastly, We all are going to reach the same point, that is our mother Lalita.

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              So if you want to achieve both spiritual and worldly progress, then Srividya Deeksha is the only solution. So think about it, because human birth is very rare.

              Please click the initiation link If you are willing to take Deeksha from my Guru parampara.

Thank you all devotees.


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