Lalita Maha Tripura Sundari Dhyana Sloka-1| Meaning and Benefits of Dhyana sloka-1 |

                  The dhyana sloka -1 of Lalita Mahatripurasundari is composed by the Eight Vaac Devis. Dhyana slokas are given to devotees so he can imagine the Mother in saguna form accordingly as given in dhyana slokas. Their are total four dhyana slokas of Mother Lalita. In today's satsanga we will discuss first dhyana sloka. This sloka starts from Sindura-aruna-vigraham. 

lalita tripurasundari dhyana sloka 1 meaning
Lalita Tripura Sundari Dhyana Sloka -1-Meaning

Introduction to this satsanga

1)      First we will see the dhyana sloka.

2)      We will see the meaning of dhyana sloka.

3)      We will see the explanation of meaning.

4)      We will see the benefits of dhyana sloka-1.


 Dhyana Sloka-1

 First Dhyana sloka of mother is as follows,

||  Sinduraruna vigraham, trinayanam, manikyamaoli sphurat

Taranayaka shekharam, smitamukhim, aapina-vakshoruham

Panibhyam, alipurnaratna chashakam, raktotpalam bibhratim

Saomyam ratna ghatastha raktacharanam

Dhyayet-param-ambikam  ||


Meaning of First Dhyana Sloka.

         Now let us see the meaning of the first dhyana sloka of Mother Lalita.

Sinduram - means the red kumkum.

Arunaam - means the color of sunrise, which is also red.

Vighraham - means the Mother beautiful form.

Trinayanaam - means three-eyed. The third eye mentioned here is not in its literal sense. It is the eye of jnana.

Manikyamaoli sphurat – She is wearing a crown studded with ruby stones (ruby stones are red) where the planet moon (mouli) is also placed.

Taranayaka shekharam– tara means stars. Moon is said to be the chief of stars (nayaka). Shekharam means, Mother is wearing in Her crown the chief of stars,

Smitamukhim – She has a smiling face or She is always smiling.

Apina vakoruham – fully developed bosoms [this is because She has to nourish the entire universe as the Supreme mother,

Panibhyam alipura rathna caakam– a cup made of rubies. In one hand She is holding a cup made out of rubies with honey-filled to the brim.

Raktotpalam bibhrathim– She holds in another hand a red-colored flower. In this dhyana shloka, She is described with two hands only. But in the next dhyana sloka, She is described with four hands.

Soumyam– beauty.

Rathna ghatastha– a pot consisting of rubies.

Raktha charanam - She is placing Her red-colored left foot on the pot.

Dhyayet – meditating on Her form.

Para-Ambikam – para means the highest, Her highest, and Supreme form.


Explanation of First dhyana Sloka of mother lalita.

         Now let us see the explanation of dhyana sloka. Every dhyana sloka has its purpose and some form of diety encoded within it. Let us see what form of the mother is encoded in this dhyana sloka.

         Vaak Devis are the deities, who always worship mother with all her mantras so they know mother's power. When mother orders them to compose lalita sahasranaam. Vaak devis first composed Mothers dhyana sloka, which we are going through it now.

         Her complexion is red and all things associated with Her are red. She is the embodiment of beauty. In one hand She holds a cup made of ruby, filled with honey and in another hand, She holds a red-colored flower. She is keeping Her red-colored foot on a pot containing rubies.

         Now here it is said that Mother has a complexion of red and all things associated with her are red and she is beautiful. Holding red flowers and keeping the red foot on a ruby pot. The red color is the representation of strength, health, lifeforce, vigor, love of friendship and healthy sports, emotional love, passion, pure love, and caring for a loved one.

         Hence Mother is full of love and due to this, she takes a very beautiful form. Holding a cup filled with honey. Honey represents giving prosperity to her sadhaka and her all children. The whole universe is her child and the animals living in there are all her children. To make them prosper in their spiritual and material life she shows a cup filled with honey.

         And the ruby pot represents all-around success in everyone's life. She is ready to make you like the king of your life. She is also called rajarejeshwari hence she will make you like her if you sincerely worship her with this dhyana sloka.

         Mother, red color is shown as a rising sun and she has three eyes. Here the comparison of mothers form is made up with the rising sun. It means the mother's form is young, always, and forever. Her three eyes represent knowledge giver to her devotees whoever worships her. Eyes also represent the sun, moon, and fire qualities of a mother. Because these three tattvas are essential to run the universe.

         Mother is wearing a crown of very precious rubies, high-quality rubies. And the king of stars, the moon is shown on mother's crown. It is shown here that all the nakshatra mandala is under the control of the mother and she alone manages them all.

         She always has a charming and loving smile on her face. She has developed blossom. It represents the capacity of nourishment of all universes. Hence she looks very beautiful uncomparable in this universe.

         She is shown with two hands in this sloka. This form of Mother is Para form means ultimate highest form of Mother. Devotees remembering this form is capable of giving salvation and four types of Mukti mentioned as per scriptures.

So this was the explanation of the meaning of dhyana sloka-1. Now let us see the benefits of this dhyana sloka.


Benefits of Lalita Tripurasundari Dhyana sloka-1

           When devotees worship mothers and meditate according to dhyana sloka, the following benefits can be gained. Every day at least 3- Japa mala chanting is required to get the following benefits with the imagination of the mother according to this dhyana sloka.

  Let us see the benefits,

1)      When devotees meditate on sloka they get strength and health to move forward in their spiritual and material world.

2)      You will increase life force and vigor in your life.

3)      You will develop loving nature in your friendship, in your married life, and also for your loved one.

4)      You will easily achieve your goal for which you have a passion.

5)      You will easily gain the grace of Mother Lalita in your spiritual journey as well as in your material world journey.

6)      At the end of life, you will be capable of getting salvation and a mukti as per your wish due to the grace of mother.

7)      If you are fully devoted to mother’s feet, and chants this dhyana sloka, like a mantra Japa, the form which is encoded in this dhyana sloka, will appear in front of you, in physical, and this is the greatest achievement, what you will get in your life.

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            So This was the first dhyana sloka and the meaning of dhyana sloka of mother lalaitambika. In next satsanga we will go through the details of 2nd dhyana sloka of Lalita Maha Tripurasundari.

Thank you all devotees.




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