Lalita Trishati | How To Chant Lalita Trishati Sloka 3 and 4| Kameshwari Nityadevi Namas| Part-2


                In today's satsanga we will discuss some of the family gods of kameshwari Nitya Mata, given in the 3rd and 4th-slokas in lalita Trishati

how to chant lalita trishati sloka 3 and 4
Lalita Trishati | How To Chant Lalita Trishati Sloka 3 and 4| Kameshwari Nityadevi Namas| Part-2

Introduction to Lalita Trishati Namavali Part-2

                  Many peoples get confused, and they are unknow of the meaning of trishati namavali and many of them just keep on chanting without knowing the meaning of namas given in trishati.

                  In today's satsanga we will Learn how to chant the 3rd and 4th sloka of lalita trishati. We will also know the meaning of 3rd and 4th sloka namavali. Which are the anga devtas of kameshwari tithi Nitya Devi.

                  We will also see how to worship mother lalita, with the namavali which we are going to see in this satsanga.

                  You will surely get benefits with this satsanga in your regular Pooja.


What we will learn in this satsanga?

1)      The 3rd and 4th shloka related to kameshwari Nitya in Lalita Trishati and How to Chant The 3rd and 4th Sloka.

2)      How To Chant 3rd and 4th Sloka Namavali | The Meaning Of 3rd and 4th Sloka Namavali|

3)      How To Worship Mother with Lalita Trishati 3rd and 4th sloka Namavali.


The 3rd and 4th shloka related to kameshwari Nitya in Lalita Trishati | How To Chant The Sanskrit Sloka | 

                  The Beeja mantra of Kameshwari Nitya Devi as per trishati is  “ ka “. There are four slokas in the trishati stotram which represents kameshwari Nitya Devi. Now let us see the 3rd and 4th slokas of stotram. Please check the below link of youtube videos in this post, for more details in both languages, English and Hindi.


1)         The third (3rd) sloka of lalita trishati is-


             Kandarpavidya Kandarpa janakapaang veekshana.

                  KarpoorVity saurabhya kallolitakkuptata || 3 ||


2)         The fourth (4th) sloka of lalita trishati is-


                         Kalidoshahara Kanjlochana Kamavigraha.
                       Karmadisakshini Karayatri Karmafalprada. || 4 ||

How To Chant 3rd and 4th Sloka Namavali | The Meaning Of 3rd and 4th Sloka Namavali|


1)      Kandarpa means kama or Kamadeva and vidya means the knowledge gained by Kamadeva.

2)      Kamadeva's had done Tapasya to attain the supreme knowledge of Mother and the knowledge gained by him was known as kandarpa vidya, by which sadhaka can attain the vidya of kama or knowledge which was gained by Kamadeva.



1)      Kandarpa janakapanga vikshana means Kamadeva was given boon to do work in this universe by the grace of lalita mata.

2)      Kamadeva when he was unable to do the desired work in this world. Lalita Mata gave him a boon and knowledge, due to his Tapasya, to rule over each and every living being.



1)      Karpooraviti saurabhya kalolita kukuptataa means the fragrance of 'Tamboola' mixed with camphor, spreads to the borders of the Universe.

2)      Devi's breath spreads fragrance waves to the borders of the Universe so it can be properly run according to his Kalachakra.

3)      All devas always pray to mother and always tries to get one drop of mother tambulaa from her mouth, so they can get supreme knowledge and wealth health for their survival.



1)      Kalidosha means the doshas which are accumulated due to kali yuga or due to our ignorance, within us.

2)      Divine mother destroys all types of doshas that are accumulated due to our karmas, within us. Hence she is known as kalidosha haraya.



1)      Kanja means whole universes and lochana means eyes.

2)      Mata when gave the boon and knowledge to Brahmadeva with her lotus-like eyes, he was able to create the universe by the grace of mother lalita.

3)      Mata is capable of creating crores of universes by only her one glance of beautiful lotus eyes.


1)      Kamra means a beautiful unparallel blissful state of lalita Devi and vigrahaa means the form of mother

2)      The form and state of the mother is Ananda swaroopa. When devotee reaches his highest state of Ananda he experiences oneness with Devi and remains in a state of blissfulness.



1)      Karmaadi means the karmas which are done by each and everybody, it may be humans, any animal, devas, asuras anybody present in the universe.

2)      Sakshini means Tripura Sundari is the one who knows each and every karma did by anyone. She is the knower of all karmas, hence she gives fruits to everyone according to his or her karmas.



Kaarayitryai means she has formulated the rules, to run this universe. No one in the universe is able to change these rules unless the grace of the mother.

In this universe, she performs all five types of duties. Hence she is called kaarayitryai.



1)      Karma means the action done by each and everyone in the universe.

2)      Phala means the fruit or result gained by our action.

3)      Mother Lalita Devi is called karmaphala Prada because she is the only one who gives the right fruit or result to the right person according to his karma or action done by him in past or in present.

4)      No one in this universe is able to change the result of the karmas. Its effects can be made less, but the fruit of the karma will surely be gained by everyone according to their karma and action did, may it be good karmas or bad karmas, you will get the fruit according to your karma.

                   These are the divine names of mother Lalita. Kameshwari Nitya is the one form of divine lalita and the names given in sloka 1 and 2 are the angadevtas, the gods related to mother kameshwari. Which we have known.


How To Worship Sriyantra or idol or photo frame of Devi with Lalita Trishati 3rd and 4th Sloka|

                  Many people will think that we must compulsory worship Sri yantra or the idol of mother lalita, with all the names of lalita trishati. But it is not like that.

                  As each and every name of mother given in lalita trishati is a single divine power, having its own separate deity, separate supreme intelligence. You can decide which name of the mother you like and start chanting accordingly.

                   So even if you chant a single name from this stotra you get blessings of mother according to that particular nama which you are chanting.


The process of worship.

       Cleanse yourself, Pooja room, mothers idol, Sri yantra, or photo frame and sit to worship mother as you like.

       Keep any idol or photo frame or Sri yantra in front of you,  Always be devoted towards her.

       You must be facing to the north side.

       Offer mother some flowers or incense stick or kumkum.

       Offer sweet nayvedyam to mother.

       Take water in hand and make a Sankalpa, Here Sankalpa means you are going to tell mother what you want and pour the water on the ground.

       Please download lalita trishati.

       Start chanting lalita trishati. Here you can arrange your sadhana according to your daily routine.

       You can chant only the third sloka namavali. You must chant 9 times each mantra every day with a separate nama.

      The next day you can chant the fourth sloka namavali for 9 times each nama, and similarly every day you can chant each sloka namavali till you finish your stotram.

     Or you are always free to decide how much daily sloka chanting you are going to do every day. Please keep a similar amount of sloka chanting every day till you finish your all stotram.

       You can chant the whole trishati stotram if you are familiar with the names of mothers given in trishati.

       Offer kumkum or red flower petals while chanting each nama mantra.

       Finish your Pooja with your gratitude towards mother.


       To get the full benefits of lalita trishati, you should take Sri vidya Deeksha. To take Deeksha from my guru parampara please click here for srividya Deeksha or you can visit your known srividya guruji to take srividya Deeksha.

       You are always free to chant this stotram without Deeksha, but you have to work a lot to bring that supreme consciousness, the divine power of the mother, within you.

                  Mother always will guide you to go for Deeksha, as the knowledge of secret srividya, can be gained by only that devotee. who has taken guru Deeksha? Hence I always recommend you to take srividya Deeksha, from your favorite guru parampara.


Please check the below video links of this post.

01) Please Click For English Video-Link 

02) Please Click For Hindi Video-Link 


                  In this satsanga, we saw 9 divine names of mother lalita. Mother lalita has taken 15 forms called 15-tithi Nitya devis. The name of the first Nitya Devi is Kameshwari tithi, Nitya Devi.

                     The first 4-slokas of Lalita trishati, starting from the letter ‘ka’, are the main gods which are related to mother kameshwari. From 4 sloka, we saw 3rd and 4th  sloka in this satsanga. In the last satsanga, we saw 1st and 2nd sloka. So we have completed the 20 names related to kameshwari Nitya Devi, given in lalita trishati.

Please download the lalita trishati stotra pdf so it will be easy to refer to it and chant the mantras.

Please visit our English and Hindi youtube channels, for new videos.

In the next satsanga of lalita trishati stotram, we will discuss the next slokas related to Bhagamalini tithi Nitya Devi.

Thank you all devotees








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