Secret Of Sri Yantra | 9th Avarna Anandamay chakra and Bindu Sthana In Sri Yantra |


       Lalita Mata is worshiped as Panchadasi or Shodashi Mantra and as Sri Yantra. Sri Yantra is the geometrical form of Mother and its worship is considered to be the complete worship of Mother.

secret of sri yantra 9th avarna
Secret Of Sri Yantra  9th Avarna Anandamay chakra and Bindu Sthana In Sri Yantra 

In today's satsanga we will know about

What is the secret of the 9th avarna of Sri yantra?

What is the secret of Anandamaya Chakra and Bindu Sthan?

Yoginis of the 9th Avarna in Sri Yantra?

Where is the 9th Avarna the Bindu Sthana in our body?

What is the secret of the 9th avarna of Sri yantra?

1) Sadhana of Shri Yantra is a high spiritual practice.

2) If you worship Sri Yantra, then it is understood that you fully worship Lalita Mahatripur Sundari. Because in Shri Yantra, all that power is present, which has appeared from the mother, which is capable of running all the universes.

3) Shree Yantra has 9 avarnas called circles. The topmost circle, the avarna is called Bindu sthana.

4) That point is the place of Mahatripur Sundari Mata.

5) Mahatripur Sundari is seated in the Nirguna form in that Bindu place.

6) That Nirguna form of Mother is a form of both Param Shiva and Param Shakti.

7) That Bindu place is the ultimate Shakti Peeth.

8) That Bindu is the Jyotirlinga of the Supreme Nirguna Shiva.

9) That nirguna mother's place is the place of the supreme soul. From where all the souls and the living entities have appeared.


What is the secret of Anandamaya Chakra and Bindu Sthan?

1) Mahatripura Sundari Mata is seated in this Bindu sthana, in a blissful state. She’s nature is blissful. Who is the form of the Supreme Soul? That is why this place, ie this point is also called Anandamaya Chakra.

2) Many types of Khadagamala stotras are found in the texts. Today we will talk about Shri Yantra by taking reference to that stotra which is well known everywhere, Shri Devi Khadgamala Stotra.

3) The stotra begins with the name of the mother. Which is the name of the Bindu location itself.

The mantra is something like this,

       Om Hreem Shree Aim Klim Saun: Om Namah Tripurasundari.

4) If you want, you can also chant this mantra

5) Lalita Mata is also called Mahabhattarika in this avarna.

6) It is called the 9th circle in Sri Chakra. This is called Bindu or Anandamaya Chakra.

7) It is from this point that Om Naada has appeared. And by the sound of Om, the whole creation has appeared. Meaning, that the word Brahma nada has appeared from the Nirguna Mother.

8) From this Bindu sthana, two forms have appeared. Whom we call Anand Bhairav ​​means Kameshwar and another form is known as Anandbhairavi or Surdevi or Kameshwari.

9) All the guru traditions in the world, their origin is this Kameshwar and Kameshwari. All the knowledge has been revealed from these two divine forces. Their mantra is known as Mahapaduka Gurumantra.


Yoginis of the 9th Avarna in Sri Yantra?

1) Mahatripurasundari Mata in the Bindu place is called Sarva Anandamaya Chakra Swamini. Because she is the owner of this point place of this chakra.

2) Mother is also called Sarva Beeja mudra Shakti, which means supreme intelligence having all powers in it. Because all the universe, solar system, moon, planets, constellations, goddesses, deities, human beings, and demons have all manifested themselves from mother. She is the mother of all. Everyone's home is the same. From where we have all appeared.

3) Mother is also called Para Para Atirahasya Yogini at this point. Because whatever we try to know about mother. We always feel we know very little about mother and even after having all the knowledge, we cannot know completely about the mother. That extreme secret can be attained only by the grace of the mother.

4) This point has been protected by 6 Nyasanga Devis, the Yoginis circling from all directions.

In Khadagamala, their names are as follows, Hrudya Devi, Siro Devi, Seekha Devi, Kavach Devi, Netra Devi, and Astra Devi.

5) These 6 deities surround the Bindu sthana from all directions. That is why their name is taken immediately after the mother's name, in khadagamala stotra.

6) From this point, ie from Mata Mahatripur Sundari, 3 Shaktis have appeared, which we know as Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati and Mahakali. In Vedic texts, Mata Kali is known as Mata Parvati.

7) From this point, i.e. from Mata Maha Tripurasundari, Mata Bal Tripura Sundari and 16th Tithi Nitya Devis have appeared.


Where is the 9th Avarna the Bindu Sthana in our body?

1) Sarva Anandamaya Chakra or Bindu place is situated in our body, in Saharar Chakra.

2) Sarva anandamaya means, when the yogi, in his state, attains the supreme feeling through meditation, attains that Brahma state, then he is in anandamaya kosha, his samadhi state. That seeker attains the state of bliss. Nor does he have any sense of happiness. Nor does he feel sorrow. He always remains only in his bliss.

3) In the 1000 petals of the whole Sahararchakra, there are 1000 different types of different energies.

4) That 1000 powers are capable of running the whole universe. These all powers, the deities have appeared from Mother Lalita. We find their names given in Lalita Sahasranaam stotra. That is why the mother is called the Sarva beej mudra shakti.

5) The supreme Shiva form of the mother is also present in the Sahararchakra.

6) From this point, from Mother, our soul, and the whole universe have appeared. Whether it is the soul of a deity or the soul of a demon, Mahatripur Sundari is the Mother of all souls.

            That is our real home. which we have forgotten. We should remember that that's why our Guru gives us a secret path or sadhana after finishing all sadhanas. The last stage of meditation.

            That sadhana is the practice of remembering the Mahavakya again and again. Which is done with confidence. That is the sadhana of Aham Brahma Asmi or Soham. So that we can reach our real home sooner as possible.

             To reach that place of Sarva anandamay sthana. We have to reach there by doing that spiritual practice ourselves. The Guruji who have realized Brahma Gyan shows us the way. How to reach there.

7) Up to that point, we cannot reach with the help of gyana indriya and karmaindriyas, meaning with the help of our senses we cannot reach there. Because the existence of the senses is the same Sahasrara. They cannot turn back and merge into that anandamay state. That is why we can experience God's realization only through our soul.

8) It is from that point that our mind has appeared. And from the mind, all the senses, the Panchamahabhuta, and the inner universe expressed in our body have appeared.

9) It is from the Sahasrar Chakra that will power, action power, and knowledge power manifest in all of us.

10) Mother has given us freedom.

11) With the help of willpower, we can desire to get anything. With the power of knowledge, we can think about how to get the desired thing, we can get its knowledge. And to get what we want, with the help of Kriya Shakti, we can get that desired object by action done with our mind and senses.

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       So this is the glory of the Bindu sthana in Shri Yantra. This is the ninth wheel according to Khadagamala. You guys must have understood what that place is. In the next Shree Yantra Satsang, we will talk about the first avarna.

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