Durga Puja | Who is Kalaratri, Mahagauri, and Siddhidatri Durga |Siddha Mantra and Benefits | Part-3

             In today's satsanga we will know about the three forms of Durga, namely Kalaratri, Mahagauri, and Siddhidatri Durga.

nav durga pooja
Who is Kalaratri, Mahagauri, and Siddhidatri Durga

Introduction To Durga puja part-3

         Durgamata protects her devotee from all types of tantric attacks, harmful effects, negative astral beings and evil attacks.

Let us see the topics which we will discuss in this satsanga,

1.            Who is Kalaratri durga, Mahagauri durga and Siddhidatri durga

2.            How to worship Mother Kalaratri, Mother Mahagauri, and Mother Siddhidatri with Siddha Durga mantra.

3.            Benefits of worshiping Durga mata.

Let us go through all details one by one topic.


Who is Kalaratri Durga?

         Mother Kalaratri is the seventh form of adi Durga mata. Her complexion is black in color. The mother has three eyes similar to three brahmandas. The hairs of the mother are spread all over her neck. She is wearing bright lightning-white mala on her neck.

         Her breathing is so intense that fire is generated due to her breath. She is shown as seated on Donkey. She has four-hand, two hands are shown in abhayadana and varadana mudra. The other two hands hold iron khadaga like weapons.

         The form of mother Kala Ratri is very frightening, but, her nature is helping and calm. Hence she is also called subhamkari Devi. So devotees of the mother should not frighten by seeing her form.

         The seventh day of Navratri is devoted to mother. Hence devotees should worship her on this day. She resides in one of the chakra which is roughly near to agnya chakra, hence sadhaka should meditate on his agnya chakra and chant mother's mantra.

 So these were the details of mother kalaratri, now let us see other forms of mother Durga.

Who is Mahagauri durga?

         Mother Mahagauri is the eighth form of adi Durga. Her complexion is white in color. She wears white clothes and white jewelry. She is considered eight years old.

         Mother is seating on a bull. She has four hands. With her two hands, she gives abhayadana and varadana to her devotees and the other two hands hold trishula and damru. Mother’s form is calm and beautiful.

         In her last birth, she had done intense Tapasya of shiva. Shiva was satisfied with mother's Tapasya. Due to such a Tapasya, her body became blackish in color. Shiva poured Ganga water on her head and her all body and jewelry became white in color. Hence she has a white complexion.

         Eight-day of Navratri is devoted to her worship. Hence devotees must worship mother mahagauri on this day. The energy of mother Mahagauri Durga is present roughly near the agnya chakra. Hence every sadhaka of a mother should concentrate on agnya chakra and chant the mother's mantra.

 These were the details of mother Mahagauri, let us see other forms of Durga.

Who is Siddhidatri Durga?

         Mother siddhidatri is the ninth form of adi Durga. She gives boons and siddhis to her devotees who surrender to her. Hence she is called siddhidatri Durga.

         In Devi Purana it is said that shiva has also worshiped mother, to get the knowledge of different types of siddhis. Mother has four hands and is shown as seated on a lotus flower. She holds Gada, Sudarshan chakra, shankha, and lotus flower in her hands.

         The ninth day of Navratri is devoted to this mother. Every devotee must worship siddhidatri mata, so his spiritual and material desires get fulfilled. She must be meditated on agnya chakra. Mother siddhidatri is the last Durga form which is worshiped on the ninth day of Navratri.

         All nine Durga forms should be worshiped on their respective days. Navratri days are very auspicious days because all nine energies of Durga are present on this earth dimension which helps all devotees in their spiritual and material growth, those who worship them.

          So these were the details of the last three mother durgas. Now let us see the Siddha mantras of these three durgas.

How to worship Mother Durga with Siddha Durga mantra.

         These mantras have the power of a divine mother who will bless you and your family. These mantras are programmed by my Gurudev Shri SHIV PREMANANDA JI. These mantras are Siddha mantas. You don’t have to take any Deeksha to chant them. They all are programmed in such a way that anyone on this earth can chant it and get the grace and help in your life to solve problems.

        I request you all, please don’t use these mantras to harm anyone on the earth. Otherwise, the effects of mantas will harm you. It may cause other effects, which you may not expect in your life.

         Chant one of the mantra every day at least 108 times till you solve your all problems. pray to mother to solve your problems, don’t ask to harm anyone. Let mother decide how to solve your problem.

         Please chant the mantras at least 108 times each mantra in Navratri on their respective days. If you want to chant every day all mantras, then you may chant at least 9 times or 27 times or 54 times or 108 times each mantra daily.

What is the Siddha mantra of Kalaratri durga.


Om Hreem Shreem Kalaratri Durgaaye Namaha Om Hreem Dum Durgaaye Namaha


What is the Siddha mantra of Mahagauri Durga?


Om Hreem Shreem Mahagauri Durgaaye Namaha Om Hreem Dum Durgaaye Namaha


What is the Siddha mantra of Siddhidatri Durga?


Om Hreem Shreem Siddhidatri Durgaaye Namaha Om Hreem Dum Durgaaye Namaha


         These were the Siddha mantras. Now let We see the benefits of these Siddha mantras.


Benefits of worshiping Durga mata.


1)            The first Kalaratri Siddha Durga mantra will protect you from all negativities.

2)            All types of negative invisible beings which harm her devotees immediately free him if the devotee starts chanting the mantra of kalaratri Durga.

3)            Devotee of a mother becomes confident and he is never afraid of water, fire, any animal, any of his enemies, etc.

4)            All sins of devotees are washed away due to mother's sadhana.

5)            It will activate devotees suksma chakra present within related to mother.

6)            All Shaktis of chakra and mother Kalaratri will start helping you to solve your problems.

7)            The Mahagauri Siddha Durga mantra will help you to gain self-control over negative emotions.

8)            It will give the devotee all-around success in his life.

9)            Energy chakra related to mother will get activated.

10)          All Shaktis of chakra will start helping devotees of Mahagauri Mata in his life.

11)          All types of negative doshas can be removed with this mantra and protects you from all types of negative energies and tantric attacks.

12)          The Siddhidatri Siddha Durga mantra will give knowledge of all types of siddhis. These siddhis help devotees in their spiritual and material growth.

 13)       This mantra helps you to remain calm and always help devotees to become confident in every situation which helps your inner and outer progress.

14)          All types of sins done by you can be removed by this mantra.

15)        chakra related to siddhidatri gets activated by the mantra..

16)          All types of negative and tantric attacks, negative beings, harmful effects can be removed by this mantra.

These were some of the benefits of chanting Siddha Durga mantras. There are many benefits which you can experience by doing the sadhana of mantras.

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        In today's satsanga we saw three divine forms of mother Durga. These were the last three divine mothers. You can go through all the nine mantras and chant them without Deeksha on Navratri days on their respective days. You don’t have to take Deeksha to chant all nine Siddha mantras.

     So we have finished all details of nine durgas. If you have missed other Durga satsanga please go through part one and part two of nav Durga satsanga.

Thank you all devotees,


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