Who Is Lalita Maha Nitya?Yantra-Mantra-Tantra & Benefits|


Who Is Lalita Maha Nitya?Yantra-Mantra-Tantra & Benefits

Lalita Maha Nithya

Hello Everyone,I am your Mentor YOGI G.I am Sri vidya sadhak. My aim is to uplift your soul to higher dimension.My desire is, how I can make your life happy in Spiritual and Material world.Welcome to Siddha Yog Vidya Peetham Family.Today we will see Who is Lalita MahaNithya.

Lalita Devi is often depicted as a beautiful goddess with a youthful appearance. She is typically shown with a charming face, adorned with various ornaments and seated on a throne. Her iconography emphasizes her captivating beauty.Lalita Devi represents the ultimate reality, the feminine aspect of the divine, and the embodiment of love, beauty, and bliss. She is believed to be the mother of the universe, nurturing and compassionate.Lalita Mahatripura sundari herself is the Lalita Maha Nitya. 

The name "Lalita" is sometimes complemented by "Tripura Sundari," which means "the beauty of the three worlds." This highlights her role as the goddess of the universe and her ability to bring harmony and beauty to all realms.You will Find the referance of this Goddess in Brahmanda Purana,and many old Indian Tantra Books.

Lalita Devi is closely associated with the Sri Chakra, a sacred and intricate geometric diagram used in worship and meditation. The Sri Chakra represents the divine cosmos,it is the map of universe and Lalita is considered the presiding deity of this mystical symbol.In Sri Chakra Lalita Devi resides in Sarvanandamaya Chakra, in the form of Bindu.This Bindu is Surrounded by upside down triangle known as Sarvasiddiprada Chakra.On this Triangle 15 Tithi Nitya Devi resides, 5 Nitya devis on each side of the triangle and Lalita Maha Nitya Devi in the centre of triangle.In total their are 16 Nitya Devis.

You may have many doubts regarding Yantra,Mantra, Tantra and benefits of worshiping the Lalita Mahatripura Sundari.

Let me Give you the sequence of worshiping Lalita MahaNitya.Install the Sri Yantra in your pooja room and First Chant Dhyana Mantra,You can find dhyana slokas in our youtube channel, Make a sankalpa, means ask mother fulfill your right desires as you want.

Now you can worship Sri Yantra by chanting the Devi Khadagamala Stotram or Maha Nithya Nama Mantra 108 time..Then you can chant Lalita Sahasranaam stotram atleast 1-time.You can finish your pooja with Saying Thanks to Mother Goddess.

You find Introduction about Goddess Lalita, in Brahmanda Purana.If you want to study in detail about the Mother Goddess, please go through the meanings of Lalita Sahasranaam and Saundary lahari sloka meaning. All this 2 playlists are available on our both Hindi and English youtube channel.

Now let us know some more things about lalita maha nithya. She is Shiva shakti swaroopini, means she is the combination of both energies Aadi Param shiva who is static energy in nature, and she herself is the shakti, the dynamic energy of param shiva.

This both energy works together in the formation of each and every brahmanda in all universes, as given in brahmanda purana.In our body lalita mahatripura sundari is in the subtile form, known as kundalini shakti.She is the source and Mother of all god and Goddess, She is Mother of Each and every creature present in the universe.

With the devotion you must daily pray, Lalita Mahatripura Sundari and all 15 Nithya devis. You will see the improment in your spiritual and material world.You will See the benefits with your own eyes.

Let me tell you something, when you start worshiping Lalita Maha Nithya, your senses and other surrounding factors don’t allow you to worship her after 3 to 5 days, because your mind which uses senses for his work, to fulfill his woldly desires,will drag your concentration out, from your sadhana.So be alart, while doing sadhana.Because almost all deities are connected to this Maha nithya and they will always check your devotion time to time.

Let us see the Yantra of Lalita Maha nithya.You can worship sri yantra as explained before.Instead of whole sri yantra you can also worship Goddess in the center of Inverted triangle.You can worship her, offering kumkum 108 times in the center, chanting the Nama mantra as "OM AIM HRIM SHRIM LALITA MAHA NITHYA MATA SHRI PADUKAM POOJAYAMI NAMAHA"You can draw this yantra on paper or any other metal plates.

Daily ,you can start with your own old pooja, what you do always.after finishing it, you can start the pooja of lalita maha nithya .Lalita Maha Nithya, is herself Lalita Maha Tripura sundary and other all 15 Tithi Nithyas are the forms of lalita Maha Nithya.

It is said that Without Guru you won't get the results, and it is very true. If you want to take tithi Nithya Sadhana deeksha please visit the link given https://srividyasadhana.com/.

You can also apply for sri vidya deeksha if you want. In this documentry I have given you basic Nama Mantra which will also bring some transformation in your spiritual and material world, if chanted with full devotion and love.Results depend on your Thinking and last birth karmas.

You will experienced, changes in both, physical and mental plains, when you start your own sadhana.The benefits of worshiping Maha Nithya Devi is "Bhoga and Moksha".Every thing can be achieved in your Material and spiritual dimensions in your life.

During your day to day life, in your mind, keep chanting the Nama mantra.Visualising your right desires,You will get fulfilled your desires, faster then you have every seen in other sadhanas.

I hope you all enjoyed this Information, do share and comment below your openion. Thank you.        SHRI MATRE NAMAHA

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