Lalita Sahasranaam | Meaning of Namas Shri Mata-Shri Maharajani And Shrimat Simhasaneshwari |

          Lalitambika is the Mother of all universes and beings living in it. Hence, she is called Shrimata. She is the Queen of kings hence she is called Shri Maharajani and She destroys all evil negativity hence she is called Shrimat Simhasaneshwari.

lalita sahasranaam meaning
Meaning of nama 1-2 and 3

Introduction to this satsanga

1) Meaning of Nama-1

2) Meaning of Nama-2

3) Meaning of Nama-3

Now let us go through these 3- names of Mother lalita one by one.


Meaning Of Shri Mata In Lalita Sahasranaam


         1) Shri means each and everything that is created by Mother, and Mata means, the mother of each and everything, that is created in all universes.

         2) She is also present in Nirguna Nirakara in the form of Maha Tripurasundari, Adi Para shakti.

         3) Hence, Mother is our own soul, who has created each and everyone's pancha Mahabhuta body in the universe. so we all are children of Lalitamata.


Process Of Universe Creation.

         1) In the early stage shrimata was in the form of Nirguna Nirakara ananda Swaroop. It can be the ultimate Bindu, similarly which we can see in Sri yantra.

         2) Further, with the help of her other form param shiva, she took the 5-dynamic supernatural form. Further, she herself got expanded in other dynamic forms all over 14-Divine lokas. Of them, 3-dynamic known forms are called Maha Saraswati, Maha Laxshmi, and Maha Kali.

         3) Shrimata Lalita Devi, in the form of Brahma, created the whole universe and jiva Srishti.


Process of Tattva Creation In the Universe.

         1) Mother is in Nirguna form in all animate and inanimate beings.

         2) From Lalitadevi 5-divine energies came into existance.3 of them, i.e. Jyana shakti, Iccha Shakti, and kriya shakti. They started to evolved and creating different types of energies and tattvas. where ahankara, i.e. Ego, is the main tattva in all of us.


How To Chant Shri Mata Nama.

The mantra chanting is as follows,



Now let us go through 2nd name of Mother Lalita.

Lalita Sahasranama Mantra Meaning - 2.Shri Maharajni


        Lalitamata is the great Queen of all the universes, hence she is known as Shrimaharajni. As she is the Paramatma, Mother Lalitambika resides in each and every being. She sustains all the universes and inner components of the bodies created by punch Mahabhuttas.


Meaning of ShriMaharajni in Lalita Sahasranama.

         1) Shri means each and everything which is sustained by Lalita Tripura Sundari. And Maharajni means, the great Queen, who is the Queen of all Kings and Queens in all universes.

         2) Mother is also the Queen of our whole body, who sustains all components and tattvas in our body.


How Mother Lalitambika, Sustains All the Created Universes?

         1) When Lalita Maha Tripura Sundari, created these whole universes and all the beings, she also created powerful energies like Mahavishnu and Maha Lakshmi, using her both attributes.

         2) The queens and kings of all universes, were given different types of duties, to sustain all the universes and all the beings.

         3) To run the universes and life of all beings, Shri Maharajni formulated laws and rules, which we call the law of nature.

This law of nature cannot be violated by anyone in the universe.

         4) Shri Lalitadevi, due to her compassion towards all living beings, mother has given free will to all of them, to live their lives accordingly they want, But without violating the law of nature. Otherwise negative effects can be seen in their life. These rules are made, so all children can walk on the right path and know their mother.


How Lalitamata, Sustains In All Beings And Work For Them?

         1) Tripura Sundari is the Paramatma. She is Paramananda. In all beings, in their whole body, she is working all the time in Nirguna form.

         2) Due to mother ShriMaharajni,  all beings can breathe properly, even if they go to an unconscious state or deep in sleep at night.

         3) All 5-Mahabhutas do their regular work in the body of all beings, as per the law made by the mother.

         4) All types of work are continuously done by the mother in all beings. For example, circulation of blood and transforming food into blood, fluid, muscles, energy, digestion of food, etc, etc.

         5) Lalitambika in the form of Mahavishnu and Maha Laxmi sustains and works for whole universes and all beings.   


How to chant Lalitha Sahasranaam Mantra Sri Maharajni?

The mantra chanting is as follows...



Lalita Sahastranama Mantra  3- Srimat Simhasanesvari Meaning.

         Lalita Devi, as she is the supreme Queen of all kings and queens in the universe, she is sitting on the asana, which is guarded by lions. Mother uses the lions as her vehicle. Hence she is known as Srimat Simhasanesvari.

         The lion is associated with ferociousness and is known as the king of animals. Mother Lalita resides in each and every being, in the form of kriya shakti and destructive force, in the energy form, working in each and every being.


What is the Meaning of Srimat Simhasaneshwari in Lalita Sahasranama?

         1)Srimat means, the supreme respect given to her, as the destroyer of the universe.

         2)Simha means, the lion which guards the supreme Mother and is used by Mother Lalitadevi as her asana, to destroy all negativity and beings according to everyone's karma.

         3)Asanam means the supreme place where Lalita Maha Tripurasundari sits.

         4)Shri Lalitamata in the form of Eshwari, as kriya and destructive energy, destroys all the universes, according to their time-limits pralaya takes place.


How Tripura Sundari destroys all the Universes.

     Pralaya is of 4 kinds.

         1) First is Nityapralaya - It means destruction done by the mother on daily basis for all animate and inanimate objects.

         2)Second is Naimitik pralaya - It means the destruction done by Tripura Sundari at the end of a Kalpa. Every after one thousand yugas.

         3)Third is Prakrit pralaya - Means destruction done by Srimat Simhasanashwari, at the end of every thousand Chatur yugas.

         4)Forth is Atyantika pralaya - Means destruction done by Lalita Devi inside all beings, according to their karmas.

         5)Srimat Simhasaneshwari Lalitamata, absorbs all five elements, dissolves all fourteen Lokas one after another into her, according to their Kala chakra. In the end, Lalita Mahatripura Sundari remains in her original Nirguna state as Paramshiva and Adi shakti.


How Lalitamata Dissolves all tattvas in all beings.

         1)Lalita Devi in all beings, lives in the Nirguna Paramatma form.

         2)Mother created all beings, sustained their all inner mechanism process, and she also destroys all of them according to their karmas done by them.

         3)When beings take birth, immediately Lalitamata starts creating all tattvas and elements in all beings, she sustains all created ones, and lastly, according to everyone's karma, she slowly starts destroying everything and life comes to an end.

         4)Tripura Sundari resides in the form of kundalini shakti in every being. When she wakes up, she travels towards the Sahasrara chakra, to meet her Paramshiva and lastly remains in Paramshiva Nirguna state.

         5)Each and every element starts dissolving in Mother. all earth components in the body of beings start dissolving into water elements, further, all water components of the body dissolve in the fire element, fire components dissolve into Air element, air components dissolve into sky or space that is akasha tattva, and lastly, the ego-mind dissolves into Nirguna Atma.

Further, Atma also gets dissolved into universal Paramatma what we called it Maha Tripurasundari.       

How to chant, Lalita Sahasranama Mantra, 3- Srimat Simhasaneshwari.

The Mantra chanting is as follows,

Om Aim Hreem Shreem Srimat Simhasaneshwari Nama Om.

These were some of the details of the first 3-names of Mother Lalita.

Please check the below video for more details

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               I hope you have known now, how Lalita Mahatripura Sundari, is the mother of all beings in the universe. How she sustains and also destroys the universes through Brahmi, Vaysnavi, and Rudi Shakti. She resides in everybody in the Nirguna form.

              In the next Satsanga, we will go through other names of Mother Lalita.

Thank you all devotees.


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