Introduction To Siddha Mulavarga Sampradaya | Who is Thrumoolarji and Shiv Premanandaji | Srividya 7-Level Deeksha and Experience |

          Siddha Mulavarg Sampradaya teachings are the oldest Sri vidya and shiv yoga teachings. When you get connected to this Parampara you are directly connected to Lalita Mahatripura Sundari.

Introduction to mulvarga parampara

Siddha Mulavarga Sampradaya

Introduction to the satsanga.

1)      Guru Lineage of Siddha Mulavarga Sampradaya and 6-Amnaya traditions.

2)      Who is Sadhguru Siddha Tirumoolarji and Sadhguru Shiv premanandaji.

3)      Beginning of Siddha Mulavarga Sampradaya.

4)      Sri Vidya 7-Level Deeksha given in Mulavarga Parampara.

5)      My experience of 7-Level srividya Deeksha.

Now let us start with our first topic.

Guru Lineage of Siddha Mulavarga Sampradaya and 6-Amanaya traditions.

         We see in any sampradaya, has a unique guru lineage of sadhguru and shisha parampara, which is followed till today. In Siddha Mulavarga Sampradaya we find a unique guru parampara. This srividya guru parampara belongs to one of the six Amnaya traditions.

         We know that there are six Amnayas. The amnayas means the tradition started from shivas 6-faces. Each tradition belongs to one face of the shiva, which means the teachings which were gained by great Siddhas through the shivas face, that tradition belongs to that side face amnaya.

          The names of 6-amnayas are Purva amnaya here shivas face is towards the east side and the tradition that got the teaching from this face of shiva is called Purva amnaya, this is the first amnaya.

         2nd Amnaya is Paschim amnaya, here shivas face is facing towards the west side. 3rd amnaya is utter amnaya, here Shiva's face is facing towards the north side. 4th amnaya is Dakshin amnaya, here shivas face is facing towards the south side.

         5th amnaya is urdhva amnaya here shivas face is facing towards the sky and this amnaya tradition has the highest teaching of srividya. Till 5th amnaya, we can get initiated in srividya through rare sadhgurus present on this earth.

         When you are eligible for the 6th amnaya teachings of srividya, the divine great sadhguru comes to you and they give initiation to you in this amnaya, this stage can be gained by your sadhana done in one of the 5 amnayas as explained before in this satsanga.

         The Siddha Mulavarga parampara belongs to Urdhva Amnaya which is the 5th amnaya. This parampara has the highest srividya teachings of urdhva amnaya. Now if we go through the history of this Siddha Mulavarga sampradaya, the lineage starts with Lord shiva. The 1st master in this lineage. The teachings of the 5th face of shiva are followed in this parampara.

          The second Master after the shiva is sadhguru Nandi devar. He is the incarnation of The Nandi who is the vehicle of lord shiva. His human form is called Siddha Nandi devar.

         The 3rd master in this parampara is sadhguru Siddha Thrumoolarji. He is considered the grandfather of all Siddhas. He is also known as Siddha sundarar in the Himalayan mountains.

         The 4th master is sadhguru mata shivakami om anandi, and the 5th master in this parampara is Sadhguru Shiv Premanandaji. On today's date, he is the master, spreading teachings of this Siddha Mulavarga parampara. This was the guru lineage of mulavarga sampradaya.

Now let us see our next topic where we will know more about sadhguru Siddha thirumoolarji and sadhguru shiv premanandaji.

Who is Sadhguru Siddha Thirumoolarji and Sadhguru Shiv premanandaji.

         First, let us talk about Siddha Thirumoolarji.

                  Siddha Thirumoolarji is known as the grandfather of Siddhas. He is also known as Siddha Sundarar. When he attained the full siddhi, of shiva Shakti consciousness state, while his sadhana in the mount Kailas Himalaya. He started his journey to south India to meet his friend Siddha Agastyar.

         When he was about to reach his destiny, in the way he saw that all cows were crying looking at the dead body of the cowherd, their master. Thirumoolarji thought to help cows to reach their home. He, in one of the nearby caves, sat for the meditation. With his yogic powers, his soul left the body and entered into cow herds body.

        Cows seeing their master alive became happy and followed him to their house. When Siddha Thirumoolarji returned to the place where his body was kept secretly, saw that his body has vanished. When he saw in meditation where the body was, the divine body was taken by shiva himself.

         So Thirumoolarji accepted shivas intention behind this Leela and became popular as Siddha Thirumoolarji. Siddha did 3000 years of tapasya in cowherds body. He was coming out of Samadhi once in a year and chanting the one sloka which was energized by the knowledge of one year what he gained in Samadhi.

         Similarly, this process of coming out of Samadhi once in a year and giving knowledge of the whole year in one verse was continued for 3000 years. And that divine knowledge later become popular in the name of Thirumandirum. This book is available today in 9 volumes which took 5 years for a team of scholars to translate each verse. The 9 volumes are known as Tandirams.

         After his Samadhi he started giving this knowledge, through his astral divine eternal body, to all devotees who are connected to him. He also gave this divine knowledge to Sadhguru shiv premanandaji.

Now let us talk about who is shiv premanandaji.

         Sadhguru shiv premanandaji is the self-realized master. He has completed his professional education from Germany, Spain, and the USA, in biochemical science, biomedicine, and post-doctorate in cancer biology respectively.

         When he was in Germany he came in contact with sadhguru shivkami om Anandi. She was teaching shivayog to her disciples. Shiv premananda took initiation from mother shivkami and started his sadhana.

         After 3 months of sadhana, Thirumoolarji came into his astral world in a dream and initiated him. Thirumoolarji wrote the shiva mantra in golden letters around the head of sadguru shivpremanandaji.

         Due to this initiation, the sadhana of sadhguru shivpremanandaji reached to the highest peak. He got a physical darshan of lalita Tripura Sundari in the morning in Brahma muhurta. Mother also initiated sadguru with the divine knowledge of Sri vidya.

         After experiencing a higher state of Samadhi, sadhguru shiv premanandaji is willing to share srividya teachings for the benefit of those who aspire for self-realization but don’t know where to start. Because of this, he started helping sincere spiritual seekers and started teaching Thirumoolar shivyoga and Srividya sadhana.

Now let us see how Siddha Mulavarga Sampradaya started. Which is our next topic.

Beginning of Siddha Mulavarga Sampradaya

          Let me explain what is meaning of the word "Mulavarga” Mula means it is the name of Thirumoolarji. He has another name, which is Moolanji. And Varga means a group. Now the full meaning if we see it is as follows.

“The Group of devotees following the teachings of Sadhguru Thirumoolarji”

         When sadhguru was in his meditation he received the message from Mother Tripura Sundari and Sadhguru Thrumoolarji to help sincere seekers by the divine knowledge whatever he had received. So sadguru shiv premanandaji is the founder of Siddha Mulavarga Sampradaya.

         This was the beginning of Siddha Mulavarga Sampradaya. This is the Urdva Amnaya the highest spiritual teachings, which are taught in this parampara and these teachings have reached many different sincere students in different countries.

Now let us see about Sri Vidya 7-Level Deeksha given in the Mulavarga Parampara. Which is our next topic.

Sri Vidya 7-Level Deeksha given in the Mulavarga Parampara

         Sri vidya sadhana in this parampara is taught in 7 – levels. All levels are meditative, which means it is not like outer Pooja or and ritual. Each level should be practiced regularly for 8 weeks before going to the next level. This 7-level srividya sadhana is the core sadhana in this Guru parampara. Now let us see what is taught at each level.


         In level -1 you will receive the kundalini Chakra Sadhana. This level will cleanse your all chakras.


         In level-2 you will receive Thirumoolar Navakkari chakra sadhana. All types of dosha of this life and past life are cleansed in this level. All horoscope dosha is cleansed at this level.


         In level-3 you will receive Thirumoolar Navakkari chakra pranayama. All Pancha bhuta are cleansed. Your astral body starts activating and cleansing.


         In level-4 you will receive Bala Tripura Sundari sadhana. This is the first form of Mother Tripura Sundari. Bala Tripura Sundari's grace starts helping you in every field of your life. She Guides you in your material and spiritual journey. Kundalini starts activating. You get many more benefits according to your frequency of sadhana and devotion towards divine mother Lalita.


         In this level-5 you receive the Pancha dashi mantra sadhana. This sadhana activates your kundalini to the higher planes. Your all chakras, and Nadi get cleansed and balanced. You receive the energy of the sun and moon. You get many more benefits according to your frequency of sadhana and devotion towards divine mother.


         In level-6 you receive shodashi sadhana. Your kundalini starts flowing to higher dimensions. You start receiving grace from a higher dimension. You start receiving the grace of almost all higher plain deities. This sadhana invokes lalita mahatripura Sundari in her full form in your soul. Mother guide you in your material and spiritual path. You get many more benefits according to your frequency of sadhana and devotion towards divine mother


In level-7 you receive shiv soubhagya shodashi sadhana. A devotee's life becomes full of saubhagya. No durbhagya can stay in your life. This sadhana brings kundalini back to her before place. All types of your desire can be fulfilled. All-round success is easily attained in your life. You feel that you are complete in your life.

         Atma gyana is gained by regular practice of all these srividya levels. What benefits you get in each level depends on your last birth karmas and sadhanas. You can visit for more details of the srividya 7-level sadhana.

           In this sampradaya other many more sadhanas are given according to devotee's needs. But they are all branches of this core 7-level srividya sadhana. If you are interested in doing other small sadhanas you can go for it. Every sadhana has its power that you receive during Deeksha.

Now let me talk about My experience of 7-Level srividya Deeksha

My experience of 7-Level srividya Deeksha

        Let me tell you that, This 7-level srividya Deeksha was taken online, by me. I was at my home and I received this Deeksha from my beloved sadhguru Shiv Premanandaji.

1)      While Deeksha process I felt some warmness in my mooladhar chakra.

2)      During the Deeksha process, my body started doing different types of kriyas like kriya yoga.

3)      On one of the levels, I had a dream of Mother Tripura Sundari. Every sadhaka who takes Deeksha, the mother gives Darshana in a dream which is common for all devotees.

4)      During the practice of these levels, I had many dreams of divine words. This is also common for everyone who takes Deeksha.

5)      My life slowly started changing and I started getting guidance from mother time to time whenever required. Mostly all srividya sadhakas from this parampara get direct guidance from mother Tripura Sundari. This guidance is from your soul which is the form of the mother herself.

6)      There are many many divine experiences. But it is due to my all good karmas what I have might be done in a past life. Every sadhak is unique and he gets experience according to his karma and devotion towards Mother Tripura Sundari.

         Sri Vidya is the only sadhana, which can fulfill your all material and spiritual desires at a time. This means you don't have to live your family to attain the Atma gyana or other spiritual and material benefits. Due to srividya sadhana, you can easily achieve all types of benefits doing your regular daily work.

          Hope you all have gained some information about the guru sampradaya to which I belong and you will get the same benefits that I am receiving in my life. Only you have to get connected to Mother Tripura Sundari through the Deeksha process.

         If you know any other parampara of srividya, please get connected with mother lalita through your known guru parampara. At last, we all are going to reach only one place, through a different path.

        Please visit the testimonial and doubt clearing section given on the website.www."" Please go through the videos to listen to devotee's great experiences. Every sadhak has gained experience which is shared by them from time to time.

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         You can also become one of them, remember that, every individual on this earth, has problems in his own life, which never ends, this is the time that you can solve your all spiritual and material problems at a time. God has given you a chance to meet him through this satsanga. You have the choice, what you want.

         I pray to my beloved Mother, Shri Lalita Ambika, Rajarajeshwari, Maha Tripura Sundari, to have grace on all devotees who are connected to the siddhayogvidyapeetham channel and to bless them who are connected to Siddha Mulavarga Parampara and all jiva sristi present in this and all brahmandas.

Thank You All Devotees.


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