Sri Yantra 8th Avarna | Ajna Chakra Meditation | 8th Avarna Yoginis, How to worship and Benefits |

 The 8th avarna of Shri yantra is known as Sarva-siddiprada Chakra. Devotees who worship the deities in this avarna can fulfill their desires easily. Anytype of siddhi can be attained by devotees by worshiping 8th avarna devis.

Sri Yantra 8th avarna

Introduction to the Satsang

1)      Explanation of 8th avarna

2)      Inner Meditation on Ajna Chakra

3)      Sri Yantra 8th Avarna Yoginis.

4)      How To Worship Sri Yantra Sarva Siddhiprada 8th Avarna.

5)      Benefits of doing Sarva Siddhiprada chakra sadhana.

Explanation of 8th avarna

          The 8th avarna of Sri chakra is called Sarva-siddiprada chakra. This avarna is situated below the Bindu stana. This avarna of Sri chakra has a triangle shape.

         We have to show sarva beeja mudra while worshiping this 8th avarna. Mudra is a symbolic gesture done with the help of figures. When we do sarva beeja mudra while worshiping this avarna of Sri chakra, we activate those deities in our bodies. We activate the energy of those deities which are present in this avarna.

         Sarva siddiprada chakra is related to Agna chakra in the body. In every scripture, you will find Agna chakra has three beeja mantras as Hum, Ksham and in the center Om beeja mantra. But in tantra scriptures, Agna chakra is more deeply explained.


Inner Meditation on Ajna Chakra

         First, we will see how to do meditation on Agna chakra which is related to the 8th avarna of Sri chakra. For inner meditation, there are no rules. You can do this meditation any time of the day when you feel relaxed and calm.

1)      For meditation, you seat on a chair or the ground in the relaxed position.

2)      Keep your spine straight.

3)      With full awareness, concentrate on the space between the eyebrows, Ajna chakra.

4)      Imagine the mantra OM and chant over and over in your mind. See that waves of mantra or vibrations created by OM are blue and spread to your whole body.

5)      Be aware of how the mind has no elements but is the source out of which space, air, fire, water, and earth emerge. Be aware of how this space, this mind, itself, does no actions, but is the driving force of all of the karmendriyas of speech, holding, moving, procreating, and eliminating.

6)      Be aware of how this chakra has no senses itself. Think that it is the recipient of all of the information coming from hearing, touching, seeing, tasting, and smelling. Whether the source of this input is from the external world, coming through the physical instruments, or coming from the inner world of memories or subtle experience.

7)      Many senses, images, or impressions may come and go, but they are let go, as attention rests in the knowing beyond all senses, in the Ajna chakra and the vibration of OM.

8)      At least 20 minutes of daily meditation will help you to activate your Ajna chakra.

9)      After finishing your meditation feel gratitude towards your soul or your guru from whom you have taken Deeksha of any other sadhana.

Now let us see how to worship Sri yantra by different deities present in Ajna chakra and 8th avarna.


Sri Yantra 8th Avarna Yoginis.

          The details given here are according to Devi khadaga-mala stotra. Now let us see the deities which rule the 8th avarna.

Baanini – This diety is shown in the form of five flowered arrows in the hands of Lalita Mahatripura Sundari. It represents the five senses of sound (music), touch (feel ), form (beauty), taste (sweetness), smell (fragrance).

Chapini – This deity is shown in the form of a sugar cane bow. It represents the mind which likes the sweet things of life.

Pasini – This deity is shown in the form of pasha, a type of rope-like weapon. It is the attractive power of love.

Ankusini –This deity is shown in the form of ankusha, an elephant controlling the weapon. It is the repulsive power to control evil.

Maha Kameshwari – This deity in the form of Mother Tripura Sundari fulfills all your desires. She can give you liberation from all types of bondages.

Maha Vajreshwari – It is the for of Mother Lalita which gives you the ability to destroy all evils in your life.

Maha Bhagamalini – It is the form of Mother lalita which blesses the power to attract the three worlds.

Sarva Siddhiprada Chakra Swamini Ati Rahasya Yogini – It is the wheel of realizations, and she is the most secret Yogini

Tripurambika is the Main deity of this siddiprada chakra. Hence she is called chakra swamini. Tripurambika is different form of lalita Mahatripura sundari.

Now let us see how to worship Sri yantra 8th Avarna.


How To Worship Sri Yantra Sarva Siddhiprada 8th Avarna.

1)      First, cleanse yourself and your meditation room.

2)      Face to the north or east direction.

3)      Keep Mother Lalita's photo and Sri yantra in front of you. You can use the image of Sri yantra to worship if you don’t have meru Sri yantra.

4)      You can offer kumkum or Bilava leaves after chanting each mantra, on Sri yantra.

5)      Now call the Mother Tripura Sundari, by chanting her 4-Dhyana slokas as given in our youtube channel. You can also visit dhyana content published on our blog website.

6)      Make a Sankalpa for what you are doing this prayer. Ask mother what you want. Ask in such a way that no one is harmed by your prayer. Otherwise, there is no fulfillment of your desire. Ask for your and your family, your relatives if you want, for material and spiritual growth. Make only one Sankalpa at a time. Keep on doing the same Sankalpa for at least 21 days or 40 days. And wait for your fruit to manifest in this physical world.

7)      Now start chanting the 8th avarna Devi mantras as follows.


Om Aim Hreem Shreem Baaniniye Namaha.

Om Aim Hreem Shreem Chaapiniye Namaha.

Om Aim Hreem Shreem Paasiniye Namaha.

Om Aim Hreem Shreem Ankushiniye Namaha.

Om Aim Hreem Shreem Maha Kameshwariye Namaha.

Om Aim Hreem Shreem Maha Vajareshwariye Namaha.

Om Aim Hreem Shreem Maha Bhagamaliniye Namaha.

Om Aim Hreem Shreem Sarva Siddhiprada Chakra Swamini Ati Rahasya Yogini  Tripurambikaye Namaha.


After finishing the procedure you can offer gratitude to Mother's divine feet. Now let us see what benefits you will get after doing the sadhana.


Benefits of doing Sarva Siddhiprada chakra sadhana.

         The benefits given here are those benefits which are gained by Only srividya sadhakas. But as per my experience, you will surely fulfill your regular daily life desires in some percentage when you do the sadhana as explained before. To get all benefits given here, you must take the initiation of Sri vidya and Sri yantra.

Now let us go through the benefits.

1)      The first benefit you get is the grace of divine Mother Lalita.

2)      You will get the grace of all deities present in the 8th avarna.

3)      Your Agna chakra gets activated by doing this sadhana.

4)      Any type of desire can be fulfilled by doing this sadhana.

5)      You will get the power of all five senses. You will be able to control them and make use of them as you want.

6)      Divine celestial sounds, divine smell, divine touch, divine celestial worlds will be visible to you.

7)      You will have control over your Mind.

8)      You will have attraction power.

9)      No evil entity can stop near you as you are surrounded by the 8th avarna deities.

10)  Many secret things present in this universe will be known to you.

         So these were some of the benefits, as the name suggests, "Sarva Siddhi Prada Chakra” is the secret chakra having the capacity to give any type of siddhi. It is Atti Rahasya Yoginis so no one can understand the secret of this chakra until Mother lalita has the full grace on you.

Please go through videos for this satsanga

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These were some of the details of the 8th avarna of Sri yantra. In next satsanga of sriyantra we will see 7th avarna of sri yantra.

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